Money saving tips – Freezing eggs? Really?

freezing eggs

This  tip comes from an article I noticed in the Wall Street Journal. The story tells of a woman in Boise who “saw a great deal on eggs recently and she bought 10 dozen,”.  She cracked them into into ice cube trays, froze until solid, and and transferred to bags for cold storage. “Not many people know eggs freeze,” she said.  I read you should add a pinch of salt.

Well, I never.  I just discovered you can freeze milk and butter and that’s been a great tip for me since I cook for 1-1/2 people (Lucky and Rebel account for the half person since I always add some human food to their Kibbles and Bits.)  But I can never use up milk, butter and eggs before they pass their expiration date. I may give this tip a try.

For more information on freezing eggs refer to

Toilet paper organizer

recycling toilet paper How bout recycling your toilet paper tubes as space makers? This is a great tip that has worked wonders for me as I attempt to organize my often messy “prop closet.”

If you too, you have a drawer or box filled with tangled cords, roll them like they were when you purchase them and fasten them together by slipping them inside an empty
toilet paper roll or a paper towel roll that has been cut to the appropriate size. This works for extension cords, phone cords and even smaller pieces of computer cord/wire. You can label on the roll in magic marker with a notation of what kind of cord is inside.

Another Cat Litter Choice

Here’s a great suggestions for cat lovers…and a great way to keep the smell of the cat litter box under control. Try potting soil. Either mix half and half with your favorite brand of kitty litter, or use it alone.  It doesn’t track on the floor any worse than other cat
litter, it’s easy to clean, tames the smell, and the cats love it! Best of all, it’s way less expensive than commercial brands of cat litter.  (Maybe you could even grow catnip right there in the box!  Maybe not.)

7 thoughts on “Money saving tips – Freezing eggs? Really?

  1. Em,
    Have you ever grown cat litter in your garden. I’ve seen it used as a tall plant in a garden, and it’s attractive, and the cats love to rub against it as they walk through.

  2. Emily, when I see a great deal on eggs, I buy them, too, except I then go on to make my own eggbeaters. I use two whites only to one whole egg until i’ve used up most of them. True, I’m throwing away a lot of yokes, but that’s where all the cholesterol is anyway. You can also freeze this mixture in baggies. Much healthier way to eat eggs!

  3. No, Nance, but I’ve got to know more! Is there a botanical name that you know of? Gotta go research that…. Shirley, have you heard of it?

    Paula – what a great tip. Do you add anything to the mixture before freezing and how do you thaw…is water okay. Or microwave? Seems like that would “cook” them.

  4. My aunt, who was born in 1900, (and is no longer with us) froze whole eggs all the time. She would cover them with just a little water-why I don’t know.

  5. Catnip is a perennial herb. A member of the mint family, labiatae.
    The most common type is nepeta cataria….you can buy it anywhere herbs are sold….even the grocery store.

    My Buddy loves it! If I have it in a pot in the house, I have to put it up and away from him after a while! Outside in the ground, it is a nice plant with tiny white blossoms….your neighborhood cats will love it!

  6. I usually just pull out a baggie the night before I’m going to use it, and let it thaw in the fridge. I don’t add anything to the mixture.

  7. Em,

    Think the Genus is Peteta (?), and there are lots of Species. It is a type of mint.
    There’s alot about this on Wikipedia and some pictures if you care to look.
    Anyway, your cats will love it!

    Au revoir!

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