Moon over Mississippi

I was pondering some of the “off the wall” dishes I’ve attempted to make over the years – the ones that are memorable if only because they were so bad.

Some were edible, others not so much, but the most resourceful dish I’ve attempted was “borrowed” from a friend in North Carolina. I’ve named it “Moon over Mississippi” because she invented it when she was a struggling young adult living in my state.

I had almost forgotten it until recently when I attended a “Sardine and Baloney (sic)” event which featured Royal Crown Colas. We called them “R-Oh-C Colas” when I was a kid growing up in rural Mississippi. Every self respecting Southerner knows that RC Colas require a Moon Pie to complete its questionable nutritional value. But few are aware the lowly pie can be taken to heights of grandeur.

Stay with me now – this is serious stuff.

My friend’s husband fell in love with Moon Pies. He declares that the two best Christmas presents he eer received were a grandfather clock and a case of Moon Pies!

Seems one evening company dropped by unexpectedly and my friend had not a sweet morsel to serve her guests. She remembered her husband’s stash of Moon Pies and considered how to disquise themas a chic and tasty treat.

She popped one into the microwave and low and behold it blew up like a chocolate balloon when promptly deflated upon removing from the oven. This left a crater in the middle which begged to be filled with icea cream and topped with chocolate syrup. Viola. Moon over Mississippi was born and has remained a staple in their home.

Of course, I took it a step further and added a big glob of crunchy peanut butter before dumping on some fat free cool whip. Gotta conserve those calories, don’t you know? I wonder do they stilll make Royal Crown Colas?

A bit of trivia to add to the conversation in case you serve Moon over Mississippi to your guests.

The Moon Pie was conceived by a Chattahooga Bakery in the early 1900s. Its target market was the local mining population. They were in need of a snack that fil into their lunch pails – something solid and filling – “something as big as the moon,” they requested.

It was an instant hit. Folks began purchasing the moon pie and teaming it up with the Royal Crown Cola for the mere invest of ten centers in the 1950s. This combination has inspired many to write, read and celebrate the snak treats. A little ditty titled “Gimm’e an RC Cola and Moon Pie” was the first recorded by Big Bill Liston in the 1950s.

Here’s another idea for your Moon Pie file:

Strawberry Moon Pie Shortcake

1 vanilla Moon Pie

Strawberries with juice

Whipped cream or Cool Whip

Place Moon Pie in a bowl. Use fork to poke some holes in the pie to let juice soak in. Cover pie with strawberries and juice, then add some whipped cream. Let sit for five minutes, then eat!

One more interesting tidbit for you foodies out there. The town of Bell Buckle, Tennessee, hosts an annual Moon Pie Festival on the third Saturday of June. They serve deep fried Moon Pieces as a highlight of the event. I wonder if Bell Buckle has a Holiday Inn.

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