Mopping around on a rainy day


I get all teary eyed when I see those Swiffer Wet Jet commercials, and my heart goes out to the old worn out, 20th century mop trying to hold onto his relationship with the housewife.

That woman is downright cruel, and I hate the way she just dismisses him and flaunts her relationship with the new mop, which isn’t worth a darn in my opinion.

swiffer Oh, yes, I cheated on my old mop too.  I rushed out and purchased the Swiffer.

I’ve come to the conclusion it’s just a gimmick to make us become addicted to one more thing.  We’ll be forever purchasing new boxes of those wet rags which are shot after one swipe in my bathroom.

And I also rushed out a purchased the “miracle mop” which was the latest generation of the old rag mop. It had some kind of microfiber fingers which were supposed to be better.  But Rebel thought those fingers were for his entertainment and he insisted on barking and biting at the mop while I slaved away.  It became out and out combat, so I tossed the thing in the back yard and he drags it around like a baby doll.

I grew up with a mother who used the old rinse and squeeze sponge mops and they suit me fine.  But at times it seems like you’re just pushing the dirt around to a new spot, and I usually have to finish off the baseboard area with a paper towel.

All this leads me to an important question. What kind of mop to do you use, and why? And have you been cheating on your mop?  Confession is good for the soul.

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