More memories to add to the stack

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If you read the last post you know that I’m still remembering The Greatest Generation and my high school chums who are like family.

As we gathered this week to celebrate the life of Wilma Hooker. It gave our classmates an opportunity to spend two days together, and it was 1965 all over again. We don’t see each other for months or years, but when we come together we pick right up where we left off – and we’re 16 again – crazy and goofy as ever.

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We all have different memories, and combining them when we meet forms a priceless composite of our childhood and adolescent years. Our reunions have become a highlight of my life. The minute a date is set, I start on a new diet. (I’d be big as a barn door if we didn’t have those reunions.)

reunion meet #2 002

Seated around the dinner table, I listened to the conversations taking place on either side of me. Some were comparing cholesterol numbers and others were discussing their bad knees, the result of long distance runs which most of us gave up long ago.

I smiled as I remembered a time when we were focused on the theme for the Junior Senior Prom or Red Lawson’s perfect record for extra points on the football field. We collapsed into hysterics recalling the night two of the guys put a dead buzzard in the high school auditorium and gave us a smelly surprise on Monday morning.

45th class reunion at ritz 012

It was a real treat to get together for lunch following Miss Wilma’s funeral service. We met at The Ritz Café which is located in the old Ritz theater. We spent every Friday night and Saturday afternoon in the same spot back in the late 50s and early 60s. Ruthie remembered that we would sit all together on a row and hold hands during the scary movies.

For a quarter we could get a Coke, a bag of popcorn and watch a double feature, a cartoon and a short serial where the heroine was always left tied to a railroad track with a train barreling toward her. We cut up so badly, we were threatened by the harried usher to be banished from the theatre forever. The movie, usually a B grade film starring Ronald Reagan or Boris Karloff, didn’t much matter. It was more like background noise for our weekly fun fest.

45th class reunion at ritz 004

Carole and gang during reunion at the Ritz

Today The Ritz has been renovated into a plush convention center and bears no resemblance to its earlier days. Billy Damron recalled shooting bubble gum balls at the back of out heads. The girls showed up for school on Monday morning with huge hunks cut out of their hair. (Yes, girls, Billy was the culprit.)  Oh to have my natural hair back again.

45th reunion - class of 65 003

Who are these old people?  I yelled at the girls to hold their heads high to hide double chins.  Barton is the only one who obeyed!  (She'[s going to kill me.)

While reminiscing, we were reminded of The Greatest Generation which raised us and provided the moral and spiritual fortitude to get us through life’s inevitable ups and downs. For those of us lucky enough to still have our parents, we are reminded to cherish them…and try our best not to embarrass them! Here’s to The Greatest Generation to whom we are forever grateful to have been raised in a small town in Mississippi, where the men are all good looking and the women are the most loyal friends a girl could have.

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10 thoughts on “More memories to add to the stack

  1. I love reading all these wonderful memories, make me wonder why I did not have
    all those wonderful girlfriends in Grade school, my all came with High School.
    Just love your writing!

    Shannon Phelps

    P.S. starting my diet tomorrow for my 50th this year! Just had to finish off the carrot cake first:)

  2. I was not the sole perpetrator of the bubblegum caper and there were three involved in the Buzzard incident instead of two.

  3. Ha! Soul sustahs, we are. We’ll have our 50th in 2015. Ive got plenty of time, but I ate the entire top off our birthday cake over the weekend. Had been off sugar for six weeks and went crazy.

  4. Ah ha Damron! Let’s see that makes you, Heard and Bucky, right? Who was the other bubble gum blower. ( At least I didn’t rat you out about stealing the tubes from the biology lab…..oops, guess I just did.)

  5. Multiple blowers. Have to be careful here, I’m not sure what the statute of limitations is for gum hair.

  6. I graduated in 1970 and this article holds true of my true school friends. Mississippi is a great place to visit every summer of yor life too. My grandparents the Aaron Briggs lived in Porterville, Ms. near Scooba. I made many girlfriends there too. Women need women as men do not think on the emotional level we do. Magnolias to you!!!!!! Jan Gordon—- Kentucky

  7. Thanks for dropping by Jan. We Mississippians gotta stick together. You must be related to Eddie Briggs – I worked on one of his campaigns when I lived in Jackson.

  8. Damron, I have experienced great mental suffering and anxiety – a result of my botching up my hair every saturday. I’m hiring Bob Marshall to file for damages (or was he the other gum blower?)

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