Morning in Hog’s Heaven


You’ll never believe what I had for breakfast today –   a slab of ribs, an unhealthy portion of whole hog and about a pound of pork shoulder, all chased with some of the sweetest barbeque sauce this side of heaven.  I wonder when the heart attack will strike.

One of 40 judges for the annual Pork Cook-off sponsored by Mississippi State University and the Mississippi Pork Council, I wandered around the more than 50 cooking teams and picked up pointers on how to improve my barbeque sauce recipe and theories on how to handle pork on the grill.  It was an educational – and very fattening morning.

pork cookoff 004 Mark Crenshaw at left, executive director of the Mississippi Pork Producers, prepared 300 pork loins for the grill to offer to MSU fans in town for a day of baseball, football and tennis.

The hardest thing about being a judge is they don’t want you talking to each other while you sample the goods.  That goes against my nature, and I was about to explode wanting to comment on the various preparations.

pam Pam Jones, at right, was one of my fellow judges.  We were the “token women” on the panel of judges.  Apparently they think only a man can be the best judge of grilled pork. Hooey!

The most interesting barbeque sauce was made with blueberries.  Very tasty.  But my personal preference was dreamed up by a team called Accidental Barbequers.  Their ribs and sauce were perfect.

pork cookoff 016 Fat Side Up won first place in the rib division and I was loaded down with ribs to carry home for Rebel and Lucky Dawg.

I had to come home and take a nap.  but not before giving the pups a taste of ribs.

They immediately settled down for their own nap – sharing a chair, which has never happened before. Maybe heads of state should share a slab of ribs before they sit down at the negotiating table. Everything would be copasetic.

pork cookoff 002

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