Mouse in the house..or something worse?


I’ve got to make this quick.  There is an intruder in my house and I am petrified.

Last night I was awakened from a snooze in front of the fire to the frantic yapping of Lucky Dawg and Rebel – they had detected something foreign in my home office (where I keep their dog food bowls). 

Yesterday I had a yard crew over to clean and mulch my garden and we inadvertently left the front door open for several hours.  A herd of buffalo could have waltzed in for all I know.

I got my protectors out of the office and slammed the door – securing it all around the perimeter with masking tape.  It was too late to call for help and no way was I going to deal with this by myself.

Today, I ripped off the tape and gingerly entered my office. I raced across to my computer.  Whatever it is seems to be lurking behind my armoire.  There.  I heard it – a thump.  I’m hoping it’s a big roach.  I’m taping the door back up until I can get someone over here to flesh him out.  In the meantime I’m going to rent my neighbor’s cat.

I had a wonderful story to post about my cooking school yesterday, but it will have to wait – maybe indefinitely.  EIIIIK – it’s scraping something across the floor…I’m outa here!

2 thoughts on “Mouse in the house..or something worse?

  1. What? Scared of a little creature? Remember you’re bigger than whatever it be. Try that sticky stuff Marie suggested.

    You need to turn on Channel 9 and watch this great show. It’s all the Olympic Champs doing different things, it’s FAB.

    Guess what I found in the back seat of my car? An ear or a nose?


  2. That’s called “pay back” honey chile. It’s an ear. Save it for me and I’ll save whatever you left – I’m sure there’s something.

    For people who don’t understand – I’m building a man – completely to my own specks. He’s made of odd shaped rocks we find on our training runs for the half marathon. So far I have two eyebrows, two ears, a nose, four fingers and 24 tiny white teeth. He’s going to be “looker.”

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