Move over Skippy, you’ve been replaced

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I love peanut butter, probably more than any other food group known to man. Other people have cocktails at 5 p.m. – I have two tablespoons of PNB- eaten straight up with a spoon.

But it’s laden with fat and calories which don’t do us any good.

Tada – enter PB2 – my life just got better, and I’m deliriously happy.  I heard about this new product on Dr. Oz – and I take back every ugly thing I’ve said about that silly doctor.  He first told us about PB2 a few weeks ago and I’ve traveled over 600 miles trying to find it with no luck.

Yesterday, I asked my son William to look for it in Nashville.  Low and behold a package arrived in my mail today – Yup, a jar of PB2 – the chocolate flavor no less.  My son knows me well.  He ordered it online.

Let me tell you about this fascinating product.  It is a powder which you reconstitute with water – I tablespoon powder to 1 tablespoon water.  It sets up just like peanut butter, but get this.  It has 85 percent less fat and only 45 calories! (The real thang has 210 and 16 fat grams.) Oh my, I’ve died and gone to peanut butter heaven.  I don’t know how expensive it is – I think he said around $7 a bottle.  But if you figure you get twice as much out of that bottle, it is pretty reasonable.  The happiness factor makes it down right cheap.

Here’s a testimonial from a fellow pb-holic who said it better than I could.

“I am 100% a peanut butter-holic.  I need to be in some kind of weekly group meetings where I have to stand up and say, “My name is Kyra and I am addicted to peanut butter.”  It’s disgusting how I can eat half a jar in one sitting.  I cannot purchase regular pb anymore.  I switched to all natural in attempt to stop eating it with a spoon, and I have even come to acquire the taste for that just as well and will eat 12 servings of it all at once.  Anyway, a client and I were discussing one day how awesome peanut butter is and she mentioned the PB2 and I told her how I’m hesitant to try it.  She found a place nearby that sells it and bought some for herself and was raving about it, and even brought me a jar!

I’ve used the PB2 twice so far.  I mixed it this morning in my smoothie, with ice, almond milk, banana & chocolate protein powder.  I used 1 tablespoon in the shake just like I would regular peanut butter.  The shake was awesome.  It tasted exactly the same!  Then I mixed it just like the directions say this afternoon:  2 tablespoons of powder & 1 tablespoon water.  (Be careful not to add too much water or it WILL be runny.)  I spread it over my toast (it spreads easily) and proceeded to eat and it was wonderful!  The taste is EXACTLY of peanut butter.”

Okay you PB 2 producers, I expect a case to arrive by Christmas.  And William, thank you.  You have made me one happy mother.

2 thoughts on “Move over Skippy, you’ve been replaced

  1. Glad to know about this!! Who distributes it? Let’s ask our grocers to get it. I try to buy locally when at all possible.

  2. It has Bell Plantation, Inc of Tifton, Ga. on the label. William ordered it off Amazon and it got here over night! Let’s get it for your shop! I will crawl over there to get it!

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