Moving to New Zealand : But Not yet


My life has become fairly discombobulated over the past few weeks,  and today I gave in to my addiction.

I confess.  I am compelled to move the furniture every few weeks.  I have moved the dining room to the back porch and the back porch to a guest room. If I could pry my cooktop off its base I would move it to the bathroom so I could cook while bathing.


I’m currently stuck because some of the furniture is too big to move through the doors.  I will simply climb over it until I can find a place in New Zealand.  I googled my condition and find I not only have ADD but OCD.  I LOVE Mississippi more than anyplace on Earth but  I can make a fortune by selling my home to the Sonic Drive In.

Next year New Zealand.  For now, I’m settling for Boogie Bottom or Tibbee Creek in Clay County.

One thought on “Moving to New Zealand : But Not yet

  1. Other options you might consider are Euclatubba Road near Tupelo or Alligator, MS in the Delta! Or what about Chunky, MS? Not sure exactly where that is but I’m sure it would be interesting!

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