The Deluded Diva

Moving to New Zealand : But Not yet


My life has become fairly discombobulated over the past few weeks,  and today I gave in to my addiction.

I confess.  I am compelled to move the furniture every few weeks.  I have moved the dining room to the back porch and the back porch to a guest room. If I could pry my cooktop off its base I would move it to the bathroom so I could cook while bathing.

I’m currently stuck because some of the furniture is too big to move through the doors.  I will simply climb over it until I can find a place in New Zealand.  I googled my condition and find I not only have ADD but OCD.  I LOVE Mississippi more than anyplace on Earth but  I can make a fortune by selling my home to the Sonic Drive In.

Next year New Zealand.  For now, I’m settling for Boogie Bottom or Tibbee Creek in Clay County.

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