My book club can beat up your book club


We meet on the second Monday of each month and have been doing so for more than 30 years – I only joined about 10 years ago, but our meetings continue to be one of the highlights of my month.

Someone gave me the sign that says “My book club can beat up your book club.” We’re pretty tough ole dames and we’ll take on any club out there.

We read our selections and hold lively discussions.  I always pick up information that is useful.  Case in point, Lady Mary told us tonight about how to survive a heart attack which she learned from an article sent to her by her daughter.  This could be life saving information, please share it with all your friends and family members.

If you experience a pain in your arm or jaw, and feel nauseous,  that is a clue you may be about to have an attack.

You are to immediately take two aspirin – uncoated, full strength, adult sized with a sip of water.  Call someone and tell them you may be having a heart attack.  Go SIT  by the door (do NOT recline) so they can find you and get you to the hospital

I stopped on the way home and picked up some uncoated aspirin which I will always keep with me.  Why don’t you do the same?

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