My cat has a drinking problem

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I had written a poignant and insightful Fourth of July message last night, but something much more compelling has occurred so I will squeeze this one in first.

I awoke this a m to find PeeDiddie, the cat,completely potted.  She had passed out on the center island of my kitchen where I suspect she cavorts when I’m not around to monitor her activity.

                                     Could this be Pee Diddie’s Future?


It’s all my fault. I’m an unintentional enabler.

I’ve been tortured by a population of fruit flies since The Farmers Market opened and I can’t eat all the produce I bring home before it begins to compost.  Someone told me to place a couple of bowls of beer around the kitchen and the little pests would dive in and die happily.


The protocol was working pretty well until I discovered all the bowls completely empty a few hours ago.  I couldn’t awaken Pee and she had alcohol on her breath.  She also had the hiccups.  The center island appeared to have been the scene of a party last night.  I wonder if she invited all her friends in.

If anyone has a better idea of how to get rid of fruit flies please let me know asap.  They spent the evening procreating and now I may have to shut down the kitchen until I can get an exterminator.   Hey.  What a great excuse – I’m out of the food service business for the remainder of the summer.

9 thoughts on “My cat has a drinking problem

  1. Poor Baby. Yes I think buying things to eat that are fresh, can only be bought if you can put in Fridge. Otherwise it is just not safe. Poor Pee.

  2. I throw our fresh goods in the freezer when I realize we cannot eat them in time..Our sibling fur babies have lost interest in throwing parties, drinking and investigating heights as they have aged with us. Their joys are snuggling on soft blankets and long walks smelling glad I do not have to be concerned about sharing the wine or cider with them 🍷😼😿 we will be down south during the week prior to the reunion in hopes of a rollicking, wine sharing visit with you. We are going to the reunion and my Roberson cousins will be there too. Their grandmothers were Braddock and Cross…Buddy is related on the Roberson side too! Loved your Blog as always..

  3. I would like to know where you found that adorable cat print. I love it. Looks like the part had just started.

  4. I love it too and found it on some website. I suspect Pee is opening the door at nite and letting all her friends in, I don’t let her out ordinarily but sometimes she just slithers out when she hears me stomping up the porch,. If you google cat drinking beer you can probably find it.

  5. try vinegar. I’ve heard that works. I haven’t tried it on fruit flies, but I know it keeps ants away. Just spray on counter tops and let dry.

  6. We have had a similar problem. ours look like fruit flies, but are living in our drains. The lay eggs and voila!! We have this problem in the spring and summer…the house is 50 yrs old and so is the plumbing. There are pesticides that you can use, I tried baking soda and vinegar, bleach, all natural products I could think of. I clean the drains, all the drains even the tub and bath lavatory. After I used dawn to disolve grease, I used a little pointy bottle like hair color. I go around so it would drip around the inside of the pipe, followed with scalding water. Every night I would put borax in the drain. If you want to leave it during the day, used a plastic pan in the sink to catch drips. The borax will dehydrate the flies and not harm the plumbing. It has helped us. We are also compulsive about garbage and leaving goods out, Do not let your cats and dogs get into borax, it will harm them. hard partying will catch up with Pee!! Good luck!!

  7. Try putting a penny or 2 in a Ziplock bag filled with water. Hang near the doors and in the room. Have heard this works.

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