My former hot life

Okay, so maybe I wasimages never really ‘hot’ (well except during the heat of summer), but since I have reached ‘a certain age’, the title of a new book got my attention.

This new funny and moving book from Stephanie Dolgoff, is the poignant memoir of a woman who has come to the realization that she is no-longer young or hip.

Dolgoff is editor-at-large at Parenting

Magazine and blogs on a weekly basis for both and With a literary pedigree that includes editorships in many forms for the likes of Real Simple, SELF and Glamor, Dolgoff knows well the topics of which she writes.

spanxjpg So, how do you know if you have hit the former hot years? She explains:

“…When men stop making lecherous cat-calls and Spanx find a home in your lingerie drawer, when marketeers start targeting you for Activia instead of trendy music, when you are “ma’amed” outside of the deep South, and when you have to start wearing makeup to have that “I’m not wearing any makeup glow”, it will dawn on you that somehow, someway, you have crossed the line.

for men

Incidentally, Spanx has also introduced a line of men’s undergarments!  It warms my heart to imagine my men friends struggling to get into a pair of Spanx!!  Life is not ALWAYS unfair.

The book is an interesting read and quite possibly the voice of an overlooked demographic marketers would do well to consider as they target their audiences.

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