My, how time slips away


Not since I was five has a birthday been so perfect or memorable.

Sometime last night I entered the Medicareful-Golden Years and so far I’m pretty enthusiastic about it.

Everyone treats you like you’re a queen, and for a moment you think you are. Milo (my horticulturist friend) even announced that he’s naming one of his new daylilies for me.  It will be candy striped, of course.

65th bday 018

My son William surprised me by driving in from Nashville and he and Braddock orchestrated a birthday that I will never forget even if I do have dementia.

We dined on boiled crawfish,  corn and potatoes and talked about the best of our years in New Orlean and when the Saints won the Super Bowl.

Today, I awoke at 2:30 a.m. to the pinging sound on my Ipad.  People from across the globe were sending birthday wishes. I wondered if they had been tracking my age all this time.  Yes, Virginia.  The world revolves around me after all.

I asked Braddock how all these people – some I’ve never even heard of – knew about my birthday.  He looked at me with that sad, sideways “Bless her Heart” look and said.  “Mom, Facebook sends a note to everyone in your address list.”

65th bday 020I’m so embarrassed. If you got the note, I’m sorry.  But it did make me feel very special, if only for a while.

Imagine my delight as I returned home tonight and found something I’ve been wanting forever.

Ruthie got me a RAIN BARREL.  It’s a great  shade of blue that will lend itself well to a University of Mississippi logo.(Sorry JC, my heart may be in Oxford, but my soul is in Starkville.) It looked like heaven to me, and God nodded His approval.

As I ripped the card off the top, the rain began to fall softly as if saying, “Here Hon.  Enjoy.”  Thank you God and Ruthie.  My life is complete.

But back to my 5th birthday. We had just moved to West Point in 1952 and didn’t know a soul.  Mother went over to our neighbor, Mary Murphy, and asked her to find some friends for me. I was really, really shy.  At least 25 little girls and boys came to my party.  I had no idea that they were coming for the cake and ice cream and pin the tail on the donkey.

Sometimes it’s just best to think you’re special and never know the truth.

8 thoughts on “My, how time slips away

  1. You are Special and we all know it ….Cheers and belated Birthday Greetings.

  2. You are special. I sent you an email, called you on the phone and sang you Happy Birthday and thought of you last night when Emily, Katie and her husband Jaron were out celebrating Emily’s Birthday. Once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

  3. Thank you Conley. Been a bit under the weather and stressed out with too many projects going at once. Will try to get up with you tomorrow! Please say happy birthday to Emily for me! Oh to be 17 again.

  4. Hope you got my voice mail…..I will be there this week end to celbrate with you…..looking forward to welcoming you the 65!!!!! …….We may be 65 but we don’t have to grow up yet……

    Love you…..Angel girl

  5. Happy “medicare” birthday (May 2nd) Emily! Hope you got your card from me on time, even if this online wish is late!

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