My life as a musical


‘I feel like I just performed in a Broadway musical- well uh, maybe it was more like one of those Mayberry “musicales” starring Barney Fife singing wildly off key.

It was such a beautiful morning that the spirit moved me to get back into my walking program.  I hitched up Lucky and Rebel and off we sailed, buoyed by the cooler temperatures which I never expected on July 1.



It was early, and no one was out, so I began humming “Oh What A Beautiful Morning” from the musical “Oklahoma.”  Before long I was singing out loud the few lyrics I could remember (about the corn being high as an elephants eye). 

Suddenly, I heard someone behind me breathing hard and singing along in a beautiful baritone.  His running partner chimed in almost as badly off key as myself.  But, hey, the day was looking up and it had barely begun. I was so energized I came home and weeded my pottager garden and picked some basil to make pesto.  

What a way to launch a new month and the second half of the  still New Year.   Some days are “perfectly ordinary” and I don’t want to miss a minute.    Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit – that’s what my college roommate used to say on the first of every month….said it was guaranteed to bring good luck.

3 thoughts on “My life as a musical

  1. I celebrated too, the day july 1, of what would have been my daddys 88th. Its so hard to believe he has been gone 30 years. JOHN R MOORE moved to west point with his young family almost 60 years ago, from indiana, to farm the fertile mississippi fields. That move provided us with a warm and loving environment of true community. WP is such a gift. And to have known and loved it as a child, and all its varied peoples, was a gIft that most never know. So keep writing deluded diva about this place of magic.

  2. The two male singers had two choices, wonder who this crazy woman was or recognize the beauty of the moment and join in. All three of you chose not to be dults. Did it feel like playing in the ditch on Broad Street?

  3. Jonna – I had no idea your Dad died so long. So much living missed and see you blossom into a beautiful young lady. (Remember, you are younger than I am as is most of the world.

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