My mind wandered and never came back


I mean, come on, who hasn’t experienced a little memory loss from time to time.   You find yourself in the middle of the supermarket and haven’t a clue why you came or what you needed.

You rush to the front of the house, all hot to retrieve something, and arrive only to draw a blank on what seemed so important.

Lately, I’ve taken to washing a load of clothes then forgetting to put them in the dryer -until three days later when they’ve developed a funny smell and pesky little spots.

I think I know what the problem is.  As we grow older, there’s an overload of information floating around in our heads.  A 20-something person hasn’t gathered so much data in their brains, so they can pull it up effortlessly. The older brain has to sort through  a lifetime of information to recall a name or date.

So when you think about it, the older brain is way smarter than the young brain, it just takes longer to process information.

And keep this in mind. Forgetfulness can be very useful in avoiding situations you’d rather avoid.

“Oh, did I miss your ping pong tournament?  Oh shucks, guess I didn’t have it on my calendar.”  The slighted person is no longer offended, and pats you on the shoulder with compassion and understanding.

Wandering around in a faked brain fog can also get you all kinds of perks.  I called the plumber the other day because I couldn’t cut my water off to the garden.  I figured the gears were stripped.

He went straight to the outside faucet and cut the water off – I’d been turning it in the wrong direction.  I began to stammer and act completely confused. He responded with all the sweetness he would have showered on his grandmother – and best of all, he didn’t charge me a cent.

hangups-power I read where one of those inversion tables that allows you to hang upside down can pump more blood to the brain and improve the memory.   I’m not going to try it because I get too much mileage out of my periodic memory lapses.

I am getting a little concerned about my inability to remember the names of common household items.  I even bought a vitamin supplement that’s supposed to improve short term memory.  I don’t know if it works, because I’ve forgotten where I put it.

Not to worry.  Some memories are best not recalled. I think older people are generally happier than the youngsters – happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory.

Having said all this, if you visit me and I ask where you hitched your horse, would you please call the hospital.

2 thoughts on “My mind wandered and never came back

  1. Gee, Emily, I can get that “hanging of the head” sensation just sleeping on my air mattress without a wedge thingie under my head. It’s one of those double decker ones you can buy at Bed Bath and Beyond. Also, it’s good to not be totally upside at our age.

    Since Mother’s been over here, I’ve been sleeping on that every night. It’s sooo comfortable, but I sometimes wake myself up turning over, but then, it’s always been difficult to do that since I’ve been a little, er ah, older, regardless the type of bed I’m sleeping in.

    Sooo, guess I’ve found a new use for that mattress. It slopes at both ends, particularly with the amount of air I keep in it.

    Just thought I’d pass along a little more gentle form of draining the blood into the head. (Why does this sound so bizarre?).

    Good luck with the memory.
    Who are you, anyway?

  2. Emily, you crack me up with the article about the wandering mind……You could always tell a good story on yourself. Miss you…..

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