My new ambition: To become a petit potager

great idea for raised bed

It suddenly came to me today – the solution to my inability to have a vegetable garden at my own home! I will borrow an idea from the French and English “bourgeois” and plant a potager garden – right in my front yard!

It COULD be very chic and maybe I can become a female version of Felder Rushing, which means all my neighbors will snicker and make fun.  Or it COULD be very tacky, but at this point in my life,  who’s caring.  My life is still a science project.

perfect potager for front yard

The dream in my head is above in some form.

I live in a 130-year old home with huge oak trees surrounding a postage stamp-sized property.  The only area with full sun is the front yard.

Afraid to be perceived  as an urban redneck, I’ve hesitated to grow my tomatoes and peppers on my front lawn. But hard times call for drastic measures.

petit potager

Throughout history, true potagers made do with what little space they had.  They  grew ornamentals and kitchen crops right there together.  I remember touring Holland and marveling at how the residents used every inch of their meager space.  That’s what I will do.

I sat down with some graph paper and and designed my petit potager.  “B” and I went to the Co-op and bought herbs and vegetables…tomatoes, peppers, lemon balm, blood leaf (for color). I’m wanting to do squash because I think it’s so beautiful but “B” says it takes up too much space.

I know, I know, we’re pushing the cart way before the horse. We haven’t built the raised beds yet and have only four days to do so before Good Friday, the official “planting day” in this part of the world.

But we have a plan and hope floats eternally in this family.

4 thoughts on “My new ambition: To become a petit potager

  1. A wonderful idea, Emily. I can’t wait to watch it grow as I drive past each day.

    Shirley D.

  2. go for it. I did one in my back yard and love tending it daily. Gardening is the best therapy!

  3. Your moonvines are in the mail. Forgot to tell you how fragrant they are. I hope they do well for you. Brenda grows them on an arbor over her courtyard and they really don’t get all day sun.. Oh but the show they put on come August!

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