My new favorite sandwich – egg and olive


Last night at my book club, the hostess served an old favorite that I had slap forgotten – the egg and olive sandwich.  So fifties, sooo good.

Lady Mary, our hostess, said she makes them all the time.  She just boils up some eggs and mashes them up with mayo and chopped pimento stuffed olives.  Of course, they must be served on plain white bread with the crusts cut off.  Can you believe it, I’ve never made them, but they will be on my menu for every party I have this year.

Incidentally, our book this month was “Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.”  It is a fascinating read and we had a local woman, who once lived on the the little sliver of an island called Guernsey, come and discuss her experiences there.

Guernsey is one of a string of islands just off the coast of France.  Guernsey and it’s neighbor island Jersey, are where the dairy cow came from.  They speak a strange dialect similar to Acadian and live in a world like no other on the planet.

The book recounts the experiences of the natives during World War II when they were brutalized by the Nazis.  They survived the ordeal by escaping reality through their love of reading.

I recommend it highly.  But bake up a batch of egg salad sandwiches before you settle in to read the book.

7 thoughts on “My new favorite sandwich – egg and olive

  1. Bonjour…ah mean, Howdy!

    Sounds like a very interesting book.

    Someone just e-mailed me about a book they’ve been reading/studying that lends itself to discussion. Name of the book and You Tube video is
    “The Last Lecture.” Some of you may have heard the abbreviated version on Oprah’s program. I’m not sure when it aired. The Oprah version is shorter, and the one he gave a Carnagie-Mellon was much longer, and more detailed, particular regarding his academic connection to that university. I’d start with the Oprah You Tube first to see if this might be something you’d like to read. I’m not sure which direction the book takes.

    Anyone seen that show or read the book, by the way?


  2. Well, I’m telling you, we are related. About a month ago, I was at my mother’s, and she was craving EGG-OLIVE SANDWICHES!! I had to make some for her, praying to the Good Lord that they would taste somewhat like the ones she used to get at The Goose at MSCW (as it was called when she was there). She will be 93 in June; so those things go back well before the fifties! I’ll have to tell her about your re-discovering them; that will tickle her.

    Interesting story. When she was at the W, she and some friends ran an imaginary person for president of the student body. That person won. Nobody knew she didn’t exist until they started looking for her grades!

  3. I just love boiled eggs and I used to mash them up and add green olives, with some of the juice, and a little butter on toast. Didn’t know there was a recipe for boiled egg sandwiches.Live and learn.

  4. We have a retiree from my company, who, every year at Christmas makes us a batch of this recipe, and it is gone in 15 minutes. If you are 4th or 5th in line, forget it…..I’ve made it, too, but my husband doesn’t like it. Her recipe is cream cheese, eggs, and olives. Yumo…

  5. Oh yes. What can’t be made better by adding cream cheese! I’ll try that next month when I host book club so I can “one-up” my buddy who reintroduced me this month!

  6. Paula Ford sounds like Rachel Ray!! I need amounts for that “Yumo” recipe if she has it. Thanks — (this is from Paula’s “kin”) Ruthie

  7. Which recipe was that? If it’s the egg salad sandwiches – Paula – can you be more specific on the ingredients? Thanks. Ruthie (your body double) and I are drooling while we wait on the recipe.


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