Need ideas for Easter – any thoughts?

I’m looking for some new ideas for my family Easter dinner, and would love to hear what you are planning.

I’m thinking of doing Shirley Carley’s Easter Brisket which she swears is easy and delicious.  Here’s the recipe for any who might want to try it:

6 – 8 pound brisket (fat on)

1 jar chili sauce

1 can beer

1 package onion soup mix

Line large baking pan with heavy duty aluminum foil, enough to fold over meat.

Mix liquids and soup mix and pour a little on bottom of pan.  Place meal on foil and pour remaining sauce over to cover.  Sear foil over meat air tight.  Bake in 200-250 degree oven for 14-18 hours.  She said one time she forgot it and let it cook for 20 hours and it was still good.   I’m wondering why I can’t just plunk it in my crock pot and pour over the sauce.  What do you think?

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