Never ask a woman if she wants a senior discount

mad lady

I got a big dose of dejavu yesterday.  I was standing in the grocery line with three items – some hair color, a bottle of nail polish remover and a magazine – nary a thing to eat.

But that’s beside the point I need to make.  An acquaintance was in front of me and we had been chatting

about all the fascinating things we are currently involved in.  She is training for the Nashville marathon and asked me how we trained. Bla. Bla. Bla.

So, she finally plunks down her yogurt and vitamin water and the gum popping, hot pink coiffed clerk rang her up and asked if she wanted the senior discount.  I literally watched the poor girl deflate like a punctured tire.  In a pitiful state of exasperation, she angrily ran her bank card through the machine but couldn’t remember her pin number.

I felt so sorry for her I wanted to take her in my arms and say, “There, there, she didn’t mean it.  That clerk is obviously near-sighted.”  (Stupid clerk.  Secretly I wished I could see her get payback when she reaches age 45!)

groceriesThe truth was the exact same thing happened to me more than 10 years ago when I was still too young to partake of the dreaded senior discounts.  The difference was I had a truck load of groceries when the well meaning Kroger clerk asked if I qualified for the senior discount.  She might as well have said, “You look like an ugly old dried up bag lady,so I’ll give you a break today.”

I looked at her in horror then slammed my purse shut and stomped out into the parking lot to look for my car which took me 20 minutes to find.  See what happens when someone offers you a senior discount?  You mysteriously age 20 years.  I left that entire cart of groceries on the conveyer belt, and vowed never to return to Kroger in this lifetime.

I eventually got over it and just avoid Kroger on Senior Citizen Day. The moral of this story is NEVER NEVER ask a woman if she wants the discount.  Ten percent just isn’t worth admitting you’re over the hill.

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