New trend in business cards – eyeliner on a paper plate!

eyeliner writing

Yesterday at the tailgate party before the Mississippi State-Arkansas football game, I was chatting with “Judge Larry.” I’ve known him for a couple of months and assumed he was – like  a reality television personality or something, but it turns out he is a real judge down on the Gulf Coast.

He and his wife Cynthia are wonderful cooks and I’ve shared one of their recipes in an earlier post (marinated shrimp). But yesterday, he brought a fabulous Bailey’s Irish Cream Cake to the tailgate that was beyond exceptional. He liked my “white nacho dip,” so we searched for business cards so we could swap the recipes.

OoopsI I don’t have a business card for my current occupation (since I don’t have a currant occupation), and he was wearing his hunting pants.We asked everyone at the tailgate party if they had a pen. No one did. So we had to improvise.

I pulled out my eyeliner and grabbed a paper plate. With perfect penmanship, he wrote his e-mail address. Our friend Lamar, who I think of as Mr. Coffee (he works for Standard Coffee Company in New Orleans which makes the best coffee in the world) was so impressed he wanted to give it a try. Sorry Lamar, you need a little more practice. Your future is not in make-up.

To be honest, I know in my heart I never would have made it home with their traditional business cards, or they would have been lost in the lining of my purse which is like a black hole. But that paper plate is sitting on my desk and it won’t be so easy to lose. It’s such a personal touch.

Perhaps it’s time to dump the boring business card and invest in a really good eyeliner. If you buy the water-proof variety, you can write on virtually anything known to man.

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