New uses for old things

I always love to find new uses for stuff around my house.  Here are a few you might want to try.

soda cans

Empty Cans

Original purpose: Ammo for shooting baskets into the recycling bin.
Aha! use: A soil substitute. Fill the bottom of a large planter with your empties to take up extra space before adding soil.  My Garden Advisor Shirley Dawkins always does this and it allows you move move pots around the garden without all the extra weight of filling the container with potting soil.
Reward: Putting the green back in green thumb

Cinnamon and Cayenne

Original purpose: Spicing up signature dishes.
Aha! use: Pest prevention. Sprinkle on molehills to ward off unwanted yard visitors.
Reward: A poison-free way to say “Scram!”
Coffee Filter

images Original purpose: A strainer for your morning jolt of java.
Aha! use: Planter liner. Place the filter at the base of a planter to keep soil from washing out and clogging drainage holes.
Reward: A cuppa cleanliness.

Coffee Grounds

Original purpose: Making your morning pick-me-up.
Aha! use: Altering the acidity of your soil. Collect used grounds to add to mulch for acid-loving plants like hydrangeas and roses.  They also make a great facial mask – add a little vaseline to make it stick.  Just be sure you don’t have any company coming over.  I scared the meter reader to death when I was sitting out back covered in coffee grounds.  Wash it off after 30 minutes or so and your skin will be glowing.
Reward: Plants that are as perky as you are.

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