New uses for old things

repurposing 004

It’s amazing how much cool stuff my renters leave behind when they move out of my rentals.  The above old iron chair was no longer fit for sitting because the chair seat rotted out.  But it was a perfect perch for an old basket filled with  my beefsteak begonias.

repurposing The bird bath Margaret Ann gave me one year has found a new home beside my old claw footed bathtub.  Perfect for holding soaps and towels.

There’s something very satisfying by finding new uses for things originally designed for something else altogether.

I was challenged by my grandmother’s old steamer trunk.  It has a bowed lid and wasn’t suitable as a coffee table, but I discovered that by placing it sideways, it made a perfect plant stand.

repurposing 001 I think she would be pleased that it is still useful and beautiful after all these years.

Then, there was my mother’s bird cage stand from which my parakeet, Mickey, used to sing “Dance With Me Henry.”

It makes the perfect perch for a bucket in which to ice down summer libations.(See below).

Best of all, I’m reminded of those pets and people I loved dearly in my youth.

I’d love to see what you’ve found new uses for.


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