No heat and toasty warm

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All my friends think I’m crazy.  When my central air unit shut down before Thanksgiving, I elected not to replace it.  I saved myself $5,000 and I’m still saving.

My utility bills this month totaled $52.47.  A year ago the gas and heat bills totaled $350.  Now who’s laughing at me?  (Incidentally, the cooling part is working just fine.)

I can’t say that I’ve been uncomfortable.  I have a small heater in my bathroom which I turn on a few minutes before taking a bath and I bought an lap-sized electric blanket which keeps Lucky Dawg from shaking to death.

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My two gas fireplaces – located at opposite ends of my living area heat things up so efficiently, I sometimes open the door to cool down. My 19th century farm house has 12-foot ceilings and you couldn’t get warm anyway unless you climbed up on a ladder.

I sleep in fleece sweats, but hey – I don’t have a man around to complain about that.  I also have Lucky Dawg and Rebel in the bed with me and they are like little heaters.

Marie and I want to take a trip to Rome to celebrate our 65th year on the planet.  I figure I can afford it since I’m saving $300 a month on a heating system that kept my entire house warm even though I never entered most of the rooms more than once or twice a year. Can’t you remember the old days when you had a gas wall heater to warm the rooms in which you lived? I think we’ll be going back to that instead of heating huge spaces for no good reason.  Go suck your thumb Mr. Heil, it’s all your fault.

Now, having said all this, if we should get an ice storm in February, I’ll probably be calling you to ask if I can sleep over….

3 thoughts on “No heat and toasty warm

  1. Hey Em girl, I can certainly relate! I depend on electric blankets and even discovered a heated mattress pad that the dogs love! In Europe for centuries they close off rooms, usually just keeping the living room warm and when you venture out into the hallways, you freeze. Nothing like sitting on an ice cold toilet seat either! It was always very cozy though to come back to the warm living room. Pretty soon I am going to have every door in the house closed off but a little sitting area. This house was built in the 1800’s. I am lucky to have any kind of heat!

  2. Well, its nice to know you got your house “fixed”, and now are saving money! Also, please advise me when you and Marie are going to Rome,
    so I wont be worried about you two young ladies. It sounds like a great trip.
    By the way, Kaye and I are in Nashville tonight to go to the Music City bowl tomorrow. We attended the MSU Alumni function earlier today at the “Wild Horse Salon” downtown. There were tons of State people there, and a lot of (mostly Line) dancing (including some St. Joseph people). Since, I believe one of your sons lives in Nashville, I was thinking maybe you and Marie might show up?! But alas, we could not find you, so we decided (after watching “The battle of the bands”) to turn in early! We have many more fans here than W. F.

    Kaye’s older sister lives in an eastern suburb, but we wanted to stay downtown for 2 nights, then we will staying with her on New Year’s
    Eve and this Sunday. Hope to see you young ladies soon. I wish you
    both a “Happy New Year”! Take care.
    David Evers

  3. I bet you and Kaye danced the night away! Marie and I are watching the game on my new big screened hi-def television set and eating my homemade vegetable soup made with all the Christmas dinner leftovers! But we’ll be there in spirit!

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