No place like home

The Ritz
No matter where we roam there’s no place like home. This week we will get to spend a few hours in the place I called home every Saturday from about 1957 – 1965.  It was called the Ritz Theatre in West Point, Mississippi, and it still is.

the ritz today

My generation’s favorite hangout went through a few lean years vacant, save a few birds and probably a few rodents.  Come to think of it, not all that different during the days we sat cutting up, paying little attention to the double feature, weekly serial and cartoon – all for less than a quarter.

The Ritz was the best baby sitter our parents had and unless it was raining they didn’t even have to drop us off.  We would ride our bikes and park them out front WITHOUT CHAINS. (I don’t recall one ever being stolen.)

Thankfully the Ritz has been lovingly restored into a convention center and café (pictured above).  On Tuesday, October 14, the new owners will host a book signing for my book “Love, Laughter and Losing my Keys: A survival Guide or Baby Boomers.”  How fitting for my boomer friends or anyone who remembers spending an entire Saturday afternoon in the darkened theatre and driving the poor usher wild with our sophomoric antics.  How many times he would walk down the aisle with his flashlight and threaten to throw us out? I don’t recall anyone actually being ejected.

The signing will be held from 10-12 a.m. and I hope to see some of you there if or no other reason than to reminisce about the good ole days. The Clarion Ledger today listed “Love, Laughter & Losing My Keys” among the top ten reads in the state of Mississippi.

8 thoughts on “No place like home

  1. No surprise but great news on widely circulated Clarion Ledger recognition. Hope you get it on Amazon so folks outside the area can purchase.

  2. Emily, I know your book is wonderful. I wanted to buy several for friends at Roses but since they only had three a couple of weeks ago, I only bought one for my son’s fiancé’s mother in Texas who said she was going to read it on a flight to Toronto this week. Your humor makes me laugh out loud. Thanks so much for sharing your gift with us. Bring a truckload of books with you to West Point this week when you come!

  3. so proud of you my Emily. You are fulfilling my dream!! Now that you are a famous published author will you still put my articles on the site? I am getting the heart back 🙂

  4. Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. I wish West Point was a little closer. I would love to meet you and have it signed.

  5. Come on down Kim. You sound like a kindred spirit. You too,Sherry – been waiting on a good guest column for Diva. And I’m flabbergasted with the Clarion Ledger announcement. I guess people are weary of reading about pestilence, war and disease and prefer to read about how the kids from West Point high are handling aging by thumbing our noses at it. Even if you’re a walker you can still chase boys and maybe even catch one!

  6. Emily, Love the book .bought one for my daughter who lives in Dallas and reads Diva. Will miss you at book club. love, Shirley C.

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