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closer chains

When I was a little girl my mother would begin each day with a teaser designed to get me excited about the day ahead.  This was especially helpful after Christmas when the next one seemed light years away and there was nothing to look forward to in the immediate future.

more cloverWe were new to North Mississippi and I was a shy only child with no one to play with.  (The Ditch had yet to be discovered.)

“Today is the day we paint your tricycle,” she would say, and I would envision my rusty trike the color purple which was my favorite hue in the Crayola Box.  Oh boy!

Another day she would entice me with the suggestion that the day be devoted to making clover chains or a new outfit for Suzie, my ragdoll.  Suzie’s face was hideous because I tried to refresh her lipstick with Mother’s Tangee and it was a big ole smear, but she still looked beautiful to me.

Today reminds me of those days.  I woke up in anticipation of the visit of one of my college buddies who I haven’t seen in 44 years.  Out of the blue she called me up to say she has been living in Tupelo all these years.  We probably have passed each other in the Mall or sat next to each other at a concert and didn’t even know it.

So today we catch up and compare our lives to the dreams we had for ourselves all those years ago.  Kay was from Tyler, Texas, and we were assigned adjacent rooms in Stewart Dormitory.  We later pledged the same sorority and remained close friends  through our college years.

Wonder why we lost touch?  Living got in the way I suspect – having families, careers and taking separate paths that led in different directions.  Well, that path has converged once again and that makes today no ordinary day. 

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  1. Your Mother must have been very special. I loved hearing about her encouraging suggestions.

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