Not your ordinary Father’s Day gift guide

Every Father’s Day for the past 30 years I have given my dad a golf shirt on his special day. I was determined this year to find something more creative. Here are a few of the over the top gifts I found. These items are sure to please everyone lucky enough to have a Dad or granddad still living – also suitable for young fathers. Sunday is Father’s Day so you’d better get cracking.

Personalized Major General Masterpiece


This is fabulous. For only $34.95 myDaVinci can seamlessly substitute Dad’s photo into a major work of art. Also available in 50 other styles. Preview your artwork online. Free revisions. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Free shipping.

FREE Shipping and Satisfaction Guarantee on all orders! For more information log onto I’ve ordered one with my Dad’s photo to hang in the dining room for our Father’s Day luncheon! Won’t he be surprised.

Gun Shaped TV Remote Control


Dad can blast through the channels with this rootin’ tootin’ sharp-shootin’ remote control! He can program it to move up and down one channel at a time, control volume or any other singular function you choose.I wonder if they offer a holster to go along with it so he will never again lose the remote!

I’ve ordered one of these for myself. You can also get a cowboy hat.

Tatoos for the elderly

Heck, I might order myself one of these for myself too since I would never ever have the nerve to get the real thing. offers some tattoos that are really old school for only $4.99 . Perfect for any age! Know a person distraught about turning 25? 35? 40? 100? This makes the perfect gift for saying “you’re old, but still hip.” 13 old school tattoos on a 4.25” x 16.50” card.

World’s Largest Underpants

underwear $16.98 from Things You Never Knew Existed – You can get so many people into these shorts, you can have a party! Humungous size 100 undershorts are an ideal gag gift for prospective bridegroom, dad-to-be, or retiring co-worker.

Wacky golf balls

Only $12.98 from Things You Never Knew Existed – The world’s best golf ball gags! Exploding ball; jet stream ball that releases a 15-foot streamer once airborne; wacky ball with an unpredictable roll; and the phantom ball which evaporates into a mist upon impact! Where the Unusual is Usual. Since 1914!

On A Roll – Crime Scene Toilet Paper
crime scene This is the perfect gift for anyone who has a habit of committing the odd toilet crime…
Each roll of quality 2-ply toilet tissue is presented in a clear plastic gift box.
A thoughtful yet practical gift for any occasion, which will certainly be a talking point in the bathroom…
Go on – make someone smil

Personalized Romance Novel – Pirates of Desire

$39.95 from Book By You Publishing – Personalized romance novel set on the high seas! A swashbuckling adventure of pirates and passion. 160-page paperback novel with over 25 characteristics to personalize. Love, passion and humor in one gift! They can even post his photo on the front cover of the steamy novel.

Own an Acre of Venus
Only $19.95 you cam give Dad an acre of land on Venus. In 1980 Dennis Hope laid claim to the moon and its surrounding planets. This has been filed with the US and Russian governments and has never been contested by either government.
Now it’s possible to own land on other planets – such as Venus.


  • He’ll receive a Venusian deed – your registration document for one acre of Mars / Venus. The certificate is delivered blank, so either you or the recipient can fill in their name. He also gets a Venusian map – which pinpoints exactly where your acre is located, the Venusian Constitution and Bill of Rights, a transcript of the Declaration of Ownership, filed with the Russian and US governments, a document confirming your Mineral Rights to your land. Log onto for more out of this world gifts ideas.

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  1. Kurt gave the World’s Largest Underpants to a girl in our youth group for winning a contest. They were a HUGE hit. (pun intended)

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