Notes from a foreign country

Trip to Hazels 012

The computer has been far from my mind this week as my little rag tag team of high school friends traveled to the Everglades – or was it Africa?  Not sure, don’t care, and can’t come home just yet.


Trip to Hazels 016

We became hopelessly lost and found ourselves again in the process.

I know without a doubt that my high school girl friends will always be my favorite traveling companions.  We cavorted with a 1200 pound alligator named Chomper who is almost as old as we are (born 1958).  We sunned beside Queen Victorian Lilly Pads the size of flying saucers. And financed a five-star dinner on our winnings from a one-armed bandit.

hazels 050

We sang with Jimmy Buffet at Margaritaville and ate barbeque in a dump the Swamp People would have passed on.  We dared Chomper to bite us and thumbed our noses at society by running barefoot and naked through the Everglades.

hazel again 014

And then I woke up from a fantastic dream.  I can’t wait to go back to bed!

2 thoughts on “Notes from a foreign country

  1. Four days of FUN with BFF! Hazel, you run a 10 star retreat, we had a ball!! A lot of laughs and memories made…can’t wait til our next excursion. Oh Emily, I’ll pu you up as soon as I can repack!

  2. I can not remember when I have had soooo much fun…Oh Yes!!! the last time I was with you girls!!! We always have so much fun…and Hazel is the BEST Hostess……can’t wait to see you all again….love you all…..

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