Nothing like a sick day


As we age things happen.  Not necessarily good things.  Corneas need transplanting, feet and legs need correcting after a lifetime of pounding them to death, and we have to obtain a mortgage loan to cover all the pills and potions required by the over 60 crowd just to keep puttering along..

My tribe of Mississippi natives took advantage of perfectly good reasons to stay in our jammies well into the night.  We sipped Ensure (and a little red wine) while one-upping each other with our designer ailments.  Nurse Barbara (4th from left) even obtained a wardrobe of hospital gowns which I think should be required dress for lounge wear – like school uniforms for kids. 

Before we knew what was happening during our “sick fest” we all felt better and even did a little one-legged dancing.  Next time we’re inviting the “boys.”  Other people play bridge, bunko or poker.  We play old people getting our second wind and it’s lots more fun in my opinion.

These and other activities will be described in my new book “Aging Fearlessly” – set to be released October 15.   Next week – revival of the “Spend the Night Party”.

4 thoughts on “Nothing like a sick day

  1. Emily, you girls are a ‘hoot”. Now I know you have a real leg injury, but does Ruthie too??

  2. No she was wearing Marie’s leg brace – I think, but Norma, Brenda (our yellow jacket friend) Ruthie, Marie and I all have legitimate injuries which occurred on our last trip to The Pony. Thank heavens for Dr. Barbara who takes care of us. Wish you could join us!

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