Now what?

photo“The Book” will be out next week (cover at left – poor quality because I shot it from a poster), Then I learned this week that my pesky cancer has returned, but I am strangely pumped.  Go figure.

By now you know that my book “Love Laughter and Losing My Keys: A Boomer’s Survival Guide” will be out next week.  So I’d best be about surviving this stubborn cancer bugger lest my book title go down the drain with my book sales.  The big question is NOW WHAT?


Writing the book was great fun especially with the help of local artist Nel Slaughter who generously and creatively illustrated it and Margaret Ann Wood who let go of some of her secret recipes, Leilani Salter and Caroline Atkins for their wonderful photography.  Thanks also to Nita Keyes Wyman for her eagle eye in catching my grammatical errors and Joe Lee of Dogwood Press in Jackson for getting this thing published.

But most of all I thank my friends (some key ones pictured above) and my family for giving me all the rich and sometimes outrageous experiences to write about.  And seriously, contrary to medical opinion I’m getting better every day. I have a secret treatment called “The Daily Dozen” to fight cancer.  I’ll be selling it on line for the requisite $29.95, you get it here for free:

1)  Prayer and meditation.  Learning to meditate is the most important discovery I’ve made this century;

2)  A 30-minute walk through the wonderful old neighbors of my town’’;

3) Take my weird supplements like milk thistle and flaxseed oil. I’m not sure why but someone guaranteed it will help.

4) Drink three cups of green tea (Green tea is the new black coffee);

5) Edit (another word for tidy up) my home and  6)garden (30 minutes each max);

7)  Sleep 7 hours minimum (which I did last night for the first time in a decade with a little help from an over the counter sleep aid….shhh I know, I cheated.)

8)  I hate this one -Take 2 Tablespoons of cider vinegar every morning. (I’m not sure why but my friend Marie told me to.)

9)  Write three pages on my next book entitled “Now What?”

10)  Return to my plant based diet – so long bacon, nice knowin’ ya;

10)  Think only positive thoughts. (I wear a rubber band on my arm and pop myself every time I begin mentally complaining.)

12) ) Floss  (I put it on the list to make it a perfect Daily Dozen.)

I read a great quote today which would be a great suggestion for anyone facing challenges. “Often we are restless, irritable and discontent because we are not cherishing the life we have.”  Boy Howdy.  Every life has many things to appreciate.  What do you cherish?  I suggest you write them down – you might surprise yourself.

6 thoughts on “Now what?

  1. Congratulations on the book!! Make sure it is on Amazon so I can get a copy!! And don’t let that reoccurrence of that devilish “thing” throw you! You’ve thrown it once; you can do it again! Blessings!

  2. Thinking of you. I agree. You beat it once and you can do it again. Can’t wait to get my hands on your book.

  3. Been wondering about why I had dropped off your list, then found you in Junk. Your messages about my beloved WestPoint so warm my heart.

    Just read something about cancer, screening, and how we all have it but immunity determines when it takes off, so stay well as you cans ticking to your list. And may I suggest hematite rings. I wear one on each hand and I have slept well since I began wearing. You can get them at Fondren traders in Jackson next to the rainbow whole foods co-op. Also have a healing conversation with Karen when you are in there. She manages the place. You have to claim the ancient gift of hematite and it works like a charm. Restful sleep so important to strength. Pray and meditate and trust that it all will be well, because it will.
    Love and Light your way, Jona

  4. Oh my gosh Jona. I will try anything to promote sleep. I get up at three most days and five hours is a good night. Going to Jackson Monday and always drop by The Rainvbow – will go by Fondren traders first thing. Thanks for the tip!

  5. You are my hero! You always seem to know what I need to hear and read each day. Thank you for being witty, kind and inspiring to us all! We love you!

    Marty (Kurt, Campbell & Winnie)

  6. Thank you sweet heart. You are more inspirational than I can could ever be – a mother to the cutest kid ever! Stay with it – hope y’all can come a Thanksgiving!

    Aunt Emily

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