Off to Belfast this afternoon

white wonder

When I swapped out my living and dining rooms last month I had more opportunities to notice small stains on my white sofas – one of life’s little gifts when you have pets.

It looks like Rebel was chewing tobacco again and dribbled on one of the cushions.  After trying various cleaning products to no available, I googled and something called White Wonder


Cleaning Cream popped up as the greatest cleaner ever invented.  One of the customers commented that she has yet to find a stain it would not obliterate.

Excited, I punched up “Nearest Supplier” – Well guess what. I can dash out to Belfast, only 4,102.8 miles from my back door, and pick up a can.   It’s that last eight tenths of a mile that will get me.

Okay, so does anyone out there know of some AMERICAN miracle cleaner that might be available at Lowe’s or Walmart.  I’d like a recommendation because I already have 16 cans of upholstery cleaners that do not work –  do not need to add to my collection.

8 thoughts on “Off to Belfast this afternoon

  1. Emily, remembered your question when my hair stylist was here this afternoon and I asked her if she knew of a great cleaning compound. You are gonna love this one…vodka! She said to test it first on an inconspicious spot but that a family member told her it worked for most everything. It contains no sugar, no soapy stuff and does not leave a residue. And, for those of you who like to imbibe occasionally, you can drink the “leftovers.” Maybe it works so well because those drinking the leftovers no longer notice soiled spots. lol.
    She also said there was a program on tv recently touting the cleaning capabilities of vodka.

  2. Try a little plain old hydrogen peroxide,, I’ve seen it work on pet stains on my carpet.

  3. Just a note. I went and bought a half pint of vodka – really cheap – and tried to treat the spot. It GOT BIGGER. It looks like mustard. I’ll try some more tomorrow.
    Do you think it takes expensive vodka?

  4. Oh Emily, am just sick about this. As I mentioned, I have never tried vodka for cleaning but this was highly recommended to me. Since sending the first response, I went online and there are many sites that do recommend it. Do you think it may take several treatments to completely “lift” the spot?
    Please let me know if anything works for you.

  5. Wow, instant relief from tension. I was so upset about this. Tried to email you an online site about using vodka for stains. Also tried to call you but did not get you. It said it might take more than one application to remove really set in spots.
    Thanks for letting me know it worked.

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