Off to the wilds of North Carolina


The deluded diva may be out of pocket for a few days – maybe even forever if she doesn’t survive the rapids of the Natahala in North Carolina.

more zipping

Marie, Judy, Jill and I will leave for our great adventure bright early in the morning.  Had we suspected how cold it would be in October, we might have made the trip earlier.  When we made the reservations it was 105 degrees in the shade here in Mississippi. 

While in the Carolinas, we plan to do some hiking and zip lining which was described to me as controlled bungy jumping.  I may chicken out since I’m afraid to climb a latter due to my paralyzing fear of heights.  We shall see.

Nice knowing ya!

2 thoughts on “Off to the wilds of North Carolina

  1. We will Martha, but it’s gotten much colder than when we were planning the trip. We’ll scope everything out and you can go with us next year!

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