Oh goody, I get to have some Halloween fun


I just received an e-mail from Cooper Callaway, my orthodontist.  (Yes, I’m wearing braces these days and look pretty ridiculous at my ripe old age.)

BUT, I get all kinds of perks.  “There’s A Lot Happening in October at Callaway Orthodontics,” he wrote. “Visit

our website at www.callawayorthodontics.com and check out our Halloween recipes that won’t put a dent in your smile. From cookies, cakes, punch and candy, you’re sure to find something for every sweet tooth in your family.  Also, be sure to read our list of "Halloween Do’s and Don’ts" and treat yourself right with the treats your choose this Halloween.

Be a part of our Halloween Candy Buy Back this year! Bring your Trick-or-Treat candy by our offices the week after Halloween and Dr. Callaway will reward you with Callaway Smile Rewards points! Yippee! I’ll hide out behind a tree and try to steal some candy from the kiddies. 

“And don’t forget,” he added.  The deadline for art submissions for our Callaway Calendar is October 30th. Send in your works of art and you’ll be entered for a chance to win an Apple iPad. Also, 13 artists will be selected to be featured in our 2011 calendar. What a great way to show us your talents!”

Boy, wouldn’t it be something if my stick man art work is selected for the calendar?  For sure, I’ll be the oldest artist to participate.  Now, what shall I draw?  First, I must go buy some crayons! 

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