Oh no, here we go again…

cayenne pepper

Someone responded to a post I did ages ago entitled “Art in the Kitchen.”  I guess he picked up on my obsession with weight issues.

He sent me the latest hot diet – The Cayenne Pepper and Lemon Diet – purported to be a cleansing regimen that will help detoxify the digestive system and at the same time help you lose gaboodles of weight.

The Cayenne pepper and Lemon diet calls for you to drink for at least 10 days a mixture of the following:
– 2 tablespoons of fresh squeezed lemon juice.
– 2 tablespoons of grade-b organic maple syrup
– 2 teaspoons of cayenne pepper
– 1 cup of distilled water

That sounds easy enough.  I can do that.  But, wait, read on….

You would have to drink at least 6-12 glasses of the lemonade solution everyday and you cannot take any food or food supplements while you are doing the diet. If you feel hungry just drink another glass of the lemonade solution. What you’re basically doing is juice fasting. The only other drink you may have is water.

You can believe I won’t be trying this program anytime soon.  Not even for one day, much less 10!  Life is just too short. Plus, I bet your teeth would turn yellow and dissolve from all that lemon juice.  You probably lose weight from all that sweating you will do after ingesting a whole tin of cayenne pepper a day!

I’ve tried the apple cider vinegar/grape juice diet, the Slimfast diet, low carb diets a la Sugar Busters and South Beach, the Mediterranean Diet and Weight Watchers.  I usually end up with a net weight gain of about three pounds when I go off the diet.  I’ve deduced that dieting is what causes weight gain.  Not overeating.

I figure God didn’t put me here to spend all my time obsessing about what I eat.  I’m done with any kind of diet.   I just wish it hadn’t taken me fifty something years to find that out.

Now, I’m off for bacon and eggs before Marie picks me up at 9:30 for our eight-mile hike.  I’m already dreaming about what I’ll cook up for dinner…a small steak, baked potato with butter and sour cream, some asparagus spears, perhaps.  Nah…forget the asparagus, way too healthy. Oh gee, I’m obsessing again. I probably need therapy.

3 thoughts on “Oh no, here we go again…

  1. After 3 days you will se the results – less weight and better look. My advice is to continue dieting in order to achieve long lasting weight loss results. It is ok if you decide to stop dieting, but you’ve already achieved hard results, why not continue with one of my 1 week diet plans which will guarantee many pounds off, better health and look? The choice is yours; you know what is important for you :-).

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