Oh, the horror of it!

Toilet_Paper_RollToilet paper porn (left)

To distract myself from the torture of riding the elliptical machine each morning at my gym, I switch back and forth between the 15 television sets provided along the front wall.

Commercials have become my most fascinating amusement.

Today I saw an ad for, hands down, the most ludicrous of all useless household items – a dress (or suit depending on the sex of your roll) for your toilet paper which apparently someone has decided should never be left “naked.”


Yes, folks.  A naked toilet paper roll has become the latest faux pas of lazy homemakers everywhere.

The ads run under the theme “Respect the Roll” and the TP wardrobe is a product of Cottonelle.  Don’t try to click on the ad at left – it won’t work.

I’ve been banned from the freebies for making fun of the product.  (The only way I would ever have one is to get it free.)

At first I thought it was a joke.  Do I really need to dress up my toilet paper in a cute little outfit?   And for what reason?  It’s annoying enough to have to reload the TP holder. To have to dress it up seems like a hideous waste of effort.

I can see it now.  We’ll soon be seeing ads for outfits for bug spray, oven cleaner and floor wax.   They will be color coordinated so the area under your sink will “pop.”

Is it just me, or does anyone else out there think some new product researcher at Cottonelle needs a vacation?

2 thoughts on “Oh, the horror of it!

  1. I remember when I was young and we visited our “wealthy” relatives in St. Louis..In their guest bathroom, there was a knitted Poodle that fitted over a roll of toilet paper that was kept on the Water Closet…Then I thought that was cool…what goes around comes around

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