Ole Miss black bear wanders into alien territory

bwst bear


I find it mildly amusing that a current exhibit at the Oktibbeha county Heritage Museum in Starkville, Mississippi features a huge black bear which stands at least five feet tall.  He is part of an exhibit featuring Mississippi wildlife, loaned by Bill Poe.

What makes it so unusual is that the black bear has been chosen as the mascot for that “school 90 miles up north” to replace Colonel Rebel.  Of course, Ole Miss is Mississippi State‚Äôs most virulent rival.  Imagine the Mississippi State Bulldog being featured at the Ole Miss lyceum.


tp bearAnyway, the wayward bear ended up being a toilet paper holder during his stay in the Starkville museum.  It was all in good fun and perpetrated by an Ole Miss graduate who is still mourning the demise of Colonel Rebel.

With football season heating up, it might be a good idea to change out the exhibit before the big Egg Bowl later this season.

3 thoughts on “Ole Miss black bear wanders into alien territory

  1. I like that one Judy. You girls can think of a “Senior” prank. Like at homecoming.I know you can.

  2. “ole miss”–THAT IS WHAT THE SLAVE HELP CALLED THE “MADAM” Of THE HOUSE—feel sorry for the bear……

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