Ole Miss man rebuts “smart survey”

old missOur old friend Tim Millis of Dallas, has posted a note of rebuttal on our earlier story regarding the superior intelligence of the Starkville/MSU community.

If you recall we reported  on a survey that listed Starkville as #34 in the nation in terms of brain power.  Oxford/Ole Miss weighed in among the top



100, but a full 40 points below its archrival.

Millis thinks he knows why.

“I agree with everything that Ole Miss Gal said in the article. After all she is a typical smart Southern Belle from the University of Mississippi,” said Millis who remembers my previous ties with that “school up the road.”

“In fact I can explain the score differential that you cow poke(rs) allude to with false pride.  researched this and discovered the tests were given on Saturday morning while most Rebels, true to their hell-raising reputation, were just getting in or hadn’t been in long and quickly finished the test so they could get back to sleep and get ready for Saturday nite.”

“While those from Barksville were taking their time with the test to postpone getting back to milking and related chores! I can’t blame ’em-in fact that shows they are getting smarter!!!  I still proud the Rebs are in the top 75 when they’re sleepy and hungover.”

If this message appears arrogant or of overbearing superiority, that is exactly what Millis was going for. I hope someone from State has a rebuttal to the rebuttal. 

3 thoughts on “Ole Miss man rebuts “smart survey”


  2. I have several questions.
    1. Who did the study?
    2. What were the credentials of the person doing the study?
    3. Was it a valid study? If so, according to whom?
    4. Was there any bias in the study?
    5. Lastly, I feel it is my duty to point out that you chose to get your education at The University of Mississippi! As my mama used to say, “Don’t forget your raising!”

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