Ooops. I blame in on Miss Elizabeth!


I had a high school English teacher named Miss Elizabeth.  She taught for a 100 years at least.

She was fearsome,  and focused on turning a bunch of Mississippi rednecks into scholars.  In some cases, she succeeded.  With me, not so much.

Anyhow.  I want to apologize to any of my subscribers for having to endure multiple posts of my inane inklings. My old friend Martha McHaney brought it to my attention that sometimes I publish  a story, then republish again.  I now realize why.  In my haste to throw something on the website, I publish, than read it.  Nope.  Should be the other way around. I had this same problem when I was a newspaper writer.

Oftentimes, I publish a story on the blog then discover a typo or grammatical error and must correct it or Miss Elizabeth will visit me in my dreams and stomp on my foot with her black laced up monster pumps.  But what a wonderful teacher she was. Kind of like an amalgamation of Aunt Bee and a barracuda.

Sorry.  I will try to do better now that I know you are being notified.  I didn’t even realize that!  Kind of embarrasses me.  I just thought you checked in from time to time.

One thought on “Ooops. I blame in on Miss Elizabeth!

  1. Emily,
    What a cherry bomb of delight to red about Miss Elizabeth. I was in her 6th period class my Senior year (rumored to be the class for dummies that year). I will never forget who Guy Fawkes was because of her. If anyone used the word guy, she would call them up to the front of the room to that giant OED she had and say turn to page 957 (I made up that number, but she would say the real one.) and read us the definition of the word “guy:” a derisive term taken from the name of Guy Fawkes, an English conspirator executed for his part in the Gunpowder Plot. Actually, I love that “play that shall not be named” to this day for the marvelous job she did with it in that class, Thanks for the blast from the past.

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