Overcome by midcentury madness

new desk

I cannot wait to show you my new office/breakfast room.  But at the moment it’s still in pieces as I try to recreate my midcentury mecca.  By “midcentury”, you must understand I’m not talking about the 1700s or anything like that.  I’m into the mid-1950s which until about a month ago I considered the tackiest period of civilization.

bucketSuddenly, I’m all about it.  Something in my brain shifted and bucket seats, tulip tables, and drum lamps are my passion.  I just got my table assembled (identical to the one in the lead photo) and I’m shopping for bucket seats like the one at left.

I’ve already bought a faux bear rug to go under it all. I love the rug and take it with me where ever I go – like Linus of the Peanuts Cartoon..  I haven’t sucked my thumb yet, but I’m leaning that way.


You might wonder why I’ve completely moved away from my passion for 19th century antiques.  I’m not sure, but suddenly I seemed stiffled by the heaviness of it all.  The memory of dark, depressive times doesn’t attract me any longer.  I plan to freshen up every room in my house with something “midcentury modern.”  I’m not letting go of the antiques, I’m just embracing the age in which I came of age.

One thought on “Overcome by midcentury madness

  1. I have a dear friend in his early 40’s who actually lives in the 50’s. He didn’t grow up in the era, but his house is like a 50’s museum. He loves it. I think
    25 yrs makes an antique, he feels like he lives with antiques.

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