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I don’t watch mainstream television any longer although I did watch six seasons of “Murder She Wrote” on my new Roku 3 over the weekend.

In case you’re wondering, that’s about 75 episodes, and writer/sleuth Jessica Fletcher (aka Angela Lansbury) is my new role model.

I’ve begun saying “mer-dah” just like Jessie, and I bought a wicker basket for my bike so I can peddle around my Mississippi version of Cabot Cove. (Note to myself: Befriend the local sheriff so I can help him solve the tough crimes.) I may even begin writing my columns on an old Royal type writer. But that’s a story for another day.

stablesOne of the nice things about the Roku is that programs are devoid of the dreaded commercial breaks for stuff you don’t want or need. I vaguely remember a Staples commercial where employees are in the middle of a giant mess and suddenly a reset button appears. Someone hits it and all is well again as quickly as you can say “Batrachomyomachy” which means making mountains out of a molehills, one of my great talents.

I’ve long thought humans should come equipped with a reset button to instantly and completely correct all the minor disasters in our lives. I figure I have an estimated half dozen each day – from lost key freak-outs to panic attacks from stupid snafus…like the one I had this month when I paid my cell phone bill on-line to the wrong company. I clicked on AT&T (my old carrier) rather than C-spire (my new carrier) and almost got my service canceled.


Well, Holy Christmas (someone said that on an episode of Murder She Wrote), I found the human reset button, folks, and it works like a charm. No batteries necessary.

I should write a book about this and make millions of dollars but you’re going to get it free of charge. (I do love Peanut Butter Cups and hydrangeas in case you want to express your appreciation.)

When life begins to spin out of control for reasons big or small, here’s what you do. You simply pump your palm out in front of you like the Supremes singing “Stop in the Name of Love.” You can swing your hips if you’re so inclined, while mentally shouting “Stop”. Take a deep cleansing breath, exhale and count out loud “five, four, three, two, one…Reboot.” Done and done. Peace and calm returns and you can resume your activities with a fresh new peaceful feeling. You calmly clean up the mess and start over.

A friend uses this trick with her second grade class to bring order in less than ten seconds. If it works for seven year olds, think what it can do for you. When I lose control I typically lose my temper, burst into tears and throw the nearest object up against the wall. This technique is a much less destructive solution to life’s curve balls and you won’t have to be apologizing all the time.

I tested out the technique several times and it works. It’s magical…kind of like doing surgery with a butter knife. I wish someone had taught me this simple trick when I was seven. My whole life would be different and I would probably be less neurotic.

9 thoughts on “Reset button for humans

  1. Life is not always what it appears to be… For example…Cabot Cove was not filmed in Maine, New Hampshire, Mass, or Rhode Island. Inface it was filmed in Mendocino, California. It’s a small village that looks lke it should be on the East Coast. Who would have thunk.

  2. Plus…Mendocino County California is the home of Point Arena..which is the home of B. Bryan Preserve…a local hometown girl done well. Go to: to see Judy and Franks Mello’s Animal preserve. A must visit to one and all.

  3. So, which ‘ Bryan girl’ is this to establish the preserve? Who is Judy’s momma as we say in Mis-ippi?

    On Cabot cove – cant believe my dream town is in California!! Still beautiful scenery and makes me want to visit there. Even the architecture – especially Jessica’s seaside cottage looks “New English.”

    Incidentally, what lured you away from Dixie to California?

  4. FYI- I went and looked up the Bbryan preserve and was fascinated by the large collection of African hoof stock.

    Frank is originally from California and met Judy in Mississippi through work. In 1998, Frank went to West Texas and fell in love with Sable antelope, so much so that he brought some back to Judy’s family ranch in Mississippi. That was the beginning of B Bryan Preserve. In 2004, Frank retired from corporate life and Judy had an opportunity to move out West with her work. They loaded up 11 animals and moved to their new home in Point Arena. The hobby slowly became a passion. In 2008, B Bryan Preserve in conjunction with B Bryan Wildlife Foundation has over 60 animals, each with their own personal name.

    Frank and Judy both grew up around domestic animals and Judy’s love for Africa pushed them in that direction. Both recognize the plight of the animals in their native habitat and are eager to help.

  5. That is quite a story. One small action with continued benefits. I do love and respect animals and wildlife.

    We had 4 small deer at the back of our fence. We reached our high at 8am, and it was blustery and light sleet. Miserable people conditions. The deer were jumping, and playing and feeling frisky. I was just glad to see someone enjoy the cold. They were just happy to be the best deer they could be.

  6. Hello there Emily,

    Answer to question #1 – I met Tom Gass and after I retired I moved out to be a part of his life, as he is part of my life. Pretty simple..

    #2 – Tom and I go up to B Bryan Preserve at least twice a year.. Infact we were married there on Oct. 11, 2013.

    Judy and Frank are fast friends. When you stay there, if a calf is born you get to name that animal.

    So we have a Male Calif name: Thomas
    Female calf name: McLemore

    Works for us.

  7. My brother has been trying to get me a Roku. I don’t understand quite how it works, but I HATE traditional TV these days. There is literally nothing on worth watching, with the exception of Big Bang Theory. I’m going to check into it. Thanks for the tip for RESET. Remember how Ms. Nell used to play those chords on the piano? Got us quiet!!

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