Paradise Found


My half-marathon team has rented this place October 7-10 for our white water rafting trip down the Nantahala River.  Anyone else want to go?  Martha, Conley, you listening?

livingroo You can bet we’ll be spending some time by the fire place, nursing our wounds from the rafting  trip.

Our cabin is appropriately called “Paradise Found.”

October is a little late to be rafting, so you can bet we’ll be trying to keep our vessel afloat!

I was the only one who hit the water last summer during our canoe trip in Alabama.

See more of the cabin below:


a8b50158827564d083d4526bbde095bf Jill will be doing the cooking since she’s in the restaurant business.  Marie, Judy and I will be doing the eating.

If this trip works out well, we’ll be back next year to begin our hike along the Appalachian Trail.

We keep plugging on and checking off items on our bucket list.  I just read up on how to prepare for a rafting trip. Rule Number One:  Know how to swim.  Shucks, I knew I should have learned that trick.  I can dog paddle, does that count?

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