Party time in the old town tonight

marie frank and ruthie

Jane, Marie, Ruthie and Frank Portera celebrate Marie’s graduation one mo’ time.

In Mississippi, we can find just about any excuse to throw a party. What else are you going to do? There’s no theatre every night, the MSU Bulldogs and Ole Miss Rebels are playing away from home, and we’ve seen all the movies.

So we celebrate the good things in our lives, even if they’ve already been celebrated before, including Marie’s graduation from graduate school. I think this makes the third time we’ve celebrated, and it just gets better. I guess we’ll continue to celebrate until someone else does something exceptional. (Of course that means we may be celebrating Marie’s graduation until the rest of our lives!)

marie arriving

Marie was truly surprised. All her friends and family members – 30- 40 people in all – gathered at Anthony’s Restaurant in our hometown of West Point to kick up our heels and honor her accomplishment.

I knew she was truly surprised when she said she almost canceled because she hadn’t had time to wash her hair. I know Marie well enough to know she wouldn’t have been caught dead at a party in her honor with less than squeaky clean hair.

wine gift

Judy gave her a bottle of Royal (Bleep) wine. I gave her a mother of pearl cross. She has my cross in her right hand and Judy’s wine in her left. I’m going to have to talk to our priest to see if that’s acceptable.

gloria and judy

I lost my glasses and Judy found them in her shoe. I have no idea how that happened. Gloria Reed, at left, knew it was time to go home and she and her husband Wesley promised Rebel and Lucky Dawg to have me home by 10. We almost made it.

What a great time, what wonderful food and fellowship…but we had to get to bed – tomorrow’s our long training day for the half marathon for Marie, Judy and me. I think we have to do six miles after mass. Ruthie and Gloria are thinking of joining us on our mission.

Marie’s girl’s Tina, sister Phyllis and Dana orchestrated the whole affair.

Awaiting the arrival of the honoree…we had fun without her.

2 thoughts on “Party time in the old town tonight

  1. Last night was truly one of those special, heartwarming memories you cherish for a lifetime. It made all the hard work and sacrifices of the last two and a half years worth it. It was so much fun and such a well kept secret…otherwise; I would have washed my hair, prepared a well thought-out speech and worn my diva clothes!!! I am truly blessed to have two terrific, loving daughters, a wonderful family and the greatest friends anyone could ask for!!!!
    Love yall!!

  2. You know, I wasn’t going to make a comment after that beautiful tribute and Marie’s gracious reply to that tribute. However, I must say I have attended many parties in honor of people along the way, but this topped them all. Maybe because it was for a lovely lady that I met at least 20+ years ago and I must say she has not changed in those years. She is still as gracious, intelligent and lovely a person as the night we met. And whom I still call friend.

    Love, Judy

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