Perfect day to putter


Most people underestimate the need to putter. I suspect that only retirees are able to take puttering to its glorious conclusion. 

Today, I plan to putter if I’m too pooped to piddle.  (Piddling implies more energy output.)

Puttering is going where the day takes you, tying up loose ends, maybe doing something you WANT to do instead of doing something you should be doing.  Puttering may be my finest talent, second only to going nothing. 

Puttering is not having a plan and moving about your world at your own pace – marching to your own drummer.  It implies… no it DEMANDS no need for expediency.

Puttering is a pre-digital behavior, a throwback to another time, and maybe that’s why it’s so enjoyable. Or maybe it’s simply that the act of wasting time is a modern-day luxury which renews and inspires like no formal vacation can.

Puttering is like a mini-vacation that doesn’t cost us anything or require the need to pack our bags. 

2 thoughts on “Perfect day to putter

  1. I love to Potter. I’m at the airport waiting on Helen Calvert Takacs. Helen has rented a Condo in downtown Palm Springs for a month and we are going to have a wonderful time. Tomorrow Helen Tom and I are going to Elko Nevada to the cowboy poetry gathering the 26th annual cowboy poetry gathering. 10,000 people will show up to hear cowboys and other poets do ecitations for three days.

  2. OMG… I have this iPhone that you can talk into and it records what you said and then prints it. God only knows how what I thought I was saying got translated into what I really did say.

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