Pets can have loyalties too!

New shirt slogan

Johanna Rice sent me a photo of her puppy, Lindy,  who is getting ready for the new football season. Johanna took Lindy shopping for her new fall wardrobe and selected the little number featured.  Lucky Dawg, my little stray poodle, likes to get on the computer while I’m out.  She saw Lindy’s new  frock and now she is begging me to get her one too!

Oh gee.  She’s already exceeded her clothing budget for the month. Maybe we can get her one in August.

2 thoughts on “Pets can have loyalties too!

  1. Hi, there! Lindy loves her new popularity and thanks you for the exposure!!! Her cute little shirt came from The Book Mart for only $6. But for a mere $20 more there’s a darling MSU mini cheerleader outfit!! I kid you not. They’re over on the wall near the deli. Lindy usually just wants to play with her clothes, but when presented with this shirt, she holds her head out and eagerly allows me to dress her! I’m planning to knit her a few things for the winter (toy poodles are really sensitive to temperature extremes) and will share photos of same with you. As a matter of fact, we already have matching red capes with black “fur” collars. Photos soon!

  2. Oh, I must rush out and get Lucky Dawg a cheerleader outfit! Rebel has an Ole Miss baseball jacket, but I’m afraid to let him wear it in Starkville!

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