Please call police!


Stuck on the road and your cell phone doesn’t work? Need help fast but hesitant to get out of the car when a stranger approaches?

My friend Shirley just sent me this wonderful idea for a solution not to mention inexpensive stocking stuffers for all your children and friends.  It is a “safety banner” that is designed to get attention.  It alerts passing motorists to call the police and give them your location. The banner adheres to your windshield and/or rear window of your automobile and folds to standard map size to fit conveniently into your glove compartment after use.


The banner is being sold on line by a company in Los Angeles which employees people with disabilities.

To use, you simply remove the reusable plastic strips at each end of the three-foot, nine inch banner, and press it firmly onto the glass. You can store the item in your glove compartment. For your own safety should you need to use the banner, be sure all doors are locked. Stay in your car. Wait for help. Do not open a door or window more than a crack or accept a ride from anyone except the proper authorities.

The company also sells an “emergency blanket” to stash in your car. This water proof, flexible blanket reflects back 90 percent of your body heat and the reflects light from its shiny finish.  (Heck, I think I’ll get one to put on my bed this winter!)The blanket is reusable and arrives folded (4 inches square x ¼ inch deep) so that it fits neatly into your glove compartment.
It only weighs 1.4 ounces. Size when fully opened: 84 inches x 52 inches

You can order both items (they sell for $4 each) by logging on to to place your order.   They also sell a “Join the Green Movement” bag for groceries for $4.

I’m ordered up some today!

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