Politics and Halloween-the perfect combo

black and orange party - Bob 015

As midterm election campaigning draws to a close, Lucky Dawg was enlisted to help our friend Bob Marshall in his bid for circuit court judge for  Clay, Noxubee, Lowndes, and Oktibbeha Counties.

She was a better campaigner than Bob who refused to wear his push card on HIS forehead.

black and orange party - Bob 020

Bob took a break from the campaign trail to enjoy a little Halloween revelry with Marie, Jill and me.  I think he may have been a little shocked how far we go, but he liked our friends and garnered many votes.

black and orange party - Bob 019

Bob got into the spirit of the evening very quickly and made new friends and maybe even supporters. Above, he is pictured with Lamar Benson and Marc Magee.  Among well wishes were Helen Sue Parrish, and Starkville Mayor Parker Wiseman (below). Yes, Parker has graduated from kindergarten, and yes he is more responsible and a better leader than say…a deluded person like me.

black and orange party - Bob 018

Bring on Halloween and let’s get it out of the way before the election.  Don’t forget to vote.

A few thoughts about Bob.  I’ve known him since first grade at East Side Elementary in West Point, Mississippi. We proceeded to spend  the next 12 years struggling through adolescense and trying to find our place in society.  We went to Ole Miss together and in 1968, I introduced him to my roommate and sorority little sister, Susie Long, from Corinth. Best move I ever made.  They are married today and are blessed with three boys and a growing list of grandchildren which are the delight of Bob’s life. He is an accomplished musician who has recently cut a CD in Nashville.

Now, none of these things alone qualify him to be a judge. It’s his steady contemplative view of human nature and his knowledge of the law that combine to give him his credentials for this job. Rebel Dawg tried to help campaign, but fell asleep on the job.

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  1. Hi Emily: thanks for the kind words. Starkville Business After Hours was great !!


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