Porch sittin’: therapy for the soul

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One of the great regrets of my life is that when I moved back to Starkville in 1996, I didn’t take Frank Crampton up on his invitation to come sit on his porch.

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I walked over and introduced myself to him and announced that I was renovating the old house next door.  He said “Good. But are you a porch sitter?’  I really didn’t know what that was, but it sounded a little boring and I was way too busy to sit anywhere for very long.

He sat out there every day all by himself and I scurried here and there and missed a slice of life that I will forever grieve.

Now Frank is gone, and new owners have moved in.  Suddenly sitting on the porch and watching the world go by sounds very enticing. Yvonne – sitting on my swing above at left – is my new neighbor and we are planning to spend lots of hours sitting on her porch or mine.

Ben, her father, is  the adorable man at the right and can he tell some stories – about the war, and life during the great depression! Another friend, visiting from Arkansas joined them.

I will never let these moments pass me by again.  Sitting on the porch will take care of any stress you are experiencing. I’m so happy to discover the porch again.

A porch is like fly paper, people just want to stop and chat and suddenly you realize that you can still connect with people without cell phones or computers.  Cars pass and drivers honk and  wave and you have no idea who they are. What a nice surprise.

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2 thoughts on “Porch sittin’: therapy for the soul

  1. Emily,
    This article has brought back many wonderful memories of sitting on the front porch when I was growing up. I spent many hours swinging in the porch swing or rocking in one of the high back rockers on our porch. It was a wonderful gathering place for family, friends and neighbors, mainly because it was the coolest place in the house before air conditioning. Once our homes were air conditioned, we didn’t use the porch as much. I don’t have a porch now, but we have a park bench under a tree and we sit out every night for at least thirty minutes. We often have neighbors come out to join us and we have gotten to know them so much better because of our frequent mini visits.

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