Power bracelet – scam or service?


When I saw the infomercial on the Power Balance bracelet – you have probably seen it too – I thought it had scam written all over it.  It shows a man pushing a lady who falls over, then she puts on the bracelet and he can’t knock her down for love, nor money!


Supposedly, this bracelet contains a hologram this is apparently “embedded with frequencies that react positively with your body’s natural energy field to improve balance, strength, and flexibility”.  The thing will set you back about 60 bucks.

But last night I spoke with my friend Margaret Ann who bought a similar product at our local sporting goods store for a mere $29.99.  She swears she felt something tingle when she put it on, and she hasn’t fallen once since she’s been wearing it. 

The balance bracelet may indeed improve your balance, but I have a ring that keeps dragons away. I have worn if for years and never seen a single dragon.

Stranger things have happened.  Has anyone else out there had a good experience with this bracelet.  If so, I’ll get one for both wrists and two ankles!

3 thoughts on “Power bracelet – scam or service?

  1. Well, I have to say that I have a Power Balance bracelet from Performance Bands and think they’re amazing. I don’t care if it’s all in my head because it actually has improved my performance AND for some reason I sleep much better at night (although I don’t know if it’s supposed to do that). I’ve not seen any dragons either!

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