Prairie Arts will always be home to us

MSU-Memphis and Prairie arts 10 004

Marie, Norma and Judy and I attended the annual Prairie Arts Festival on Saturday in West Point.  What a wonderful way to remember our childhoods.

We once romped around this place each Saturday and never dreamed we would ever grow old. Not much as changed except we don’t wear braces (oops I do) and we don’t care about boys (oops Marie does).

MSU-Memphis and Prairie arts 10 002

Maybe things haven’t changed so much after all -but we had just as much fun Saturday as we did 50 years ago. We romped around just like we did a half century ago at the ole swimming hole, and our parents couldn’t make us come home. There are some perks to growing older. No one can tell you what to do!

We’re  off now to new things. I was told we’re going Zip-lining next month.  If you don’t know what that is – don’t ask.  It is like bunge jumping only you are propelled over a cavern on a teenie rope, while you are screaming and shouting.  You have to PAY for this fun. We’ll see.

MSU-Memphis and Prairie arts 10 001

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  1. The festival looks like such a great time!! George and I made it one year and hope to make it again someday.

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