Priceless lessons of cancer

beatyMy new, yet temporary job editing the local news rag, has been a huge distraction from keeping up tales of the deluded girl.  But something bigger has been brewing and I hope it will motivate me to get back to communicating with the two or three of you who still tune in once in a while.


When ovarian cancer returned last October I figured it was time to get my affairs in order.  Well, not really “affairs” but you know what I mean.  I dumped my Jackson doc and found an energetic determined young woman oncologist right here in town who promised me I would live to be 70 – that’s all I was going for at the moment.

She started a new revolutionary treatment protocol which not only didn’t cause many side effects but actually seemed strangely energizing.  Yesterday I went for the dreaded Pet scan which lit up like a Christmas tree in October with pockets of cancer in lymph nodes, liver, you name it. Yesterday, the scan was a dull as a rusty nail.  No cancer.  Anywhere.

I know I was lucky but more than that I know I had a lot of people praying for me and I think that made all the difference.  But here’s the lesson in all this.  I am not going to sit in my chair watching life go by while Netflix drones away on the tube. Those days are over.

Cancer-4 I am going to get out there and shake things up, acting as weird as I please.  I no longer care what anyone thinks of me and I will be wearing my UGGS with my shorts come summer because I still won’t be able to have foot surgery until chemo drugs are gone. I am going to try new things and take risks. Editing the newspaper was the first big risk  and I fell on my face several times before figuring it out.  Then, I’m taking the train to New Orleans with my boys and we will visit our old haunts and eat the world’s best cuisine and sleep on the river walk if we can find a cop to join us. Then, Marie and I are hiking the Appalachian trail.  We’re taking applications for fellow hikers, but you must exhibit a degree of craziness.

Cancer taught me that life  isn’t about playing it safe,living out our days on auto-pilot and standing still in one spot for fear of making the wrong move. It’s about experimenting, failing, succeeding, and then trying something else.  It’s about not being at war with ourselves and wishing things were other than they are.  It’s about small steps toward our ever-changing dreams and getting out of our heads and into our hearts.  It’s about living from the soul and abandoning the façade.

We only get one shot and I’m ashamed I wasted most of mine being too timid to really live out loud.  Okay, so who wants to join me in seeing how outrageously we can be completely stupid and deliriously happy?  It’s going to be a wild ride.

36 thoughts on “Priceless lessons of cancer

  1. Hands down my favorite Diva!
    I’m so thankful your test came back clean and I love your outlook on living life.
    As always, you inspire.

  2. What awesome news! You will be the “energizer bunny” “takes a lickin and keeps on ticking” Onward and upward, I will keep those prayers coming

  3. I am so very happy for you with this latest medical report. You bring so much joy to so many people and I am glad we will have you around for many more years. Loved getting to see you the other day, and you provided such a refreshing program.

  4. Wonderful news!! I don’t know anyone who can live life to the fullest better than you!! So happy

  5. Wonderful news!! I love your post and Linda Ivey sent me your book for Christmas which I have thoroughly enjoy. Live life to the fullest!!!

  6. So happy to hear the good news! You bring so much joy to me and many others!

  7. You go girl!! Be crazy and love with all your heart. You will love th appalacian trail. Its lovely and not really hard if you go at your own pace. I am so happy for your success.

  8. Emily, our prayers are being answered and you deserve to take the world by storm! Great news! Love and much happiness and joy to you,dear friend.

  9. Emily, I am so happy about your good news! Thanks for having such an awesome attitude and sharing with your readers. Your enthusiasm is contagious! I am praying for you.

  10. So glad you received such wonderful news! If you get a chance get a copy of the Feb MORE magazine, page 14. Be a MORE editor and win 10,000 dollars..serious please look at this as it could finance your trip to New Orleans and more..I’ll send you the article if you can’t find it..Love to you and cousin Emma!

  11. I treasure all the well wishes…a heartfelt thank you to all! isn’t it a shame we have to wander out to the edge if the cliff to finally appreciate the lives we have!!

  12. Wonderful! You are Emily, the Great. What delightful news! So very, very happy for you!
    P.S. SDN has improved greatly.

  13. Recently changed e-mail addresses and I am just catching up.

    Wish I were poet so I could effectively tell you how joyous your news is to all of us. I’m sitting at my keyboard with a tear running down my cheek. My goodness
    what wonderful news.
    God Bless You
    Can’t wait to see.
    Love you.

  14. Emily,

    WOW, what great news!! All of us need to live by your new philosophy – and learn from your enthusiasm.

  15. So happy to hear the good news, Emily! I asked God every night to place His healing hands on you and He did!! Have a great time in New Orleans, and hiking the Appalachain Trail!! You are a beautiful person!!

  16. YAY! The wonderful power of prayer comes through again.

    Let me know when you’re going to hike the Appalachian trail. Not sure I could handle it, but who knows! I’d also love a girls trip to Nashville. Can’t think of anyone who would know their way around by now better than you! And, was it Charleston that was being considered for a girls trip?

    Looking forward to May! Slideshow is coming along. Emily Bedford will be sending more pictures; should have those next week to add. 🙂


    for some reason my vision is blurry today. Oh we’ll….I am just an ole softy and am always overcome with good news.

    YOU ROCK ! , !

  18. Loved the comment about the A.T. not being very hard if you go your own pace. It is 2,180 miles on a mountain trail oftentimes with poor footing and steep climbs. If one is able to do ten (10) miles per day everyday (6-8 hrs per day) without missing, it would only take seven and one half months to complete, not to mention the days walking all day in the rain and muck. BTW, trying to stand up with a 40 lb pack on your back is tough enough without carrying it nearly 2200 miles through the mountains.

  19. Since receiving your good news on Wednesday, I remembered you had your personal trainer for the AT on hold. Robert is probably packed and waiting on your call. Get moving! You all can drop me off at Smith Lake!

    We’re thankful and excited, we’ve still got things to do and places to go as Sistas! Love you my friend!

  20. Always enjoy your Deluded Diva!!! Never miss reading them & excited to hear of the doctor change and good news. Keep us posted on that and your A T

  21. Many prayers answered!! I am so thankful for your great report! I look forward to many more gems of wisdom from my favorite Deluded Diva.

  22. Great news, Emily! I was on the Appalchian Trail today. Beautiful day for a hike here in Gatlinburg. Put on your hiking boots and come on up.

  23. I’m so excited about our Appalachian Trail adventure, however, after reading Damron’s comment, guess I’ll impose on you to carry my 40 pound back pack, too!!! I am overjoyed for you my dear friend…..your wonderful attitude and God’s good blessings have made such a positive change in your life. Love you!

  24. Never, never, ever give up! Prayer works miracles…Praise God for your miracle Emily!! According to Bill Damron, I think you’re gonna need a pack mule for the AT!

  25. If you are getting a pack mule…sign me up. If not sign me up anyway and I’ll hang out with Norma Atkins at Smith Lake.

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