Prize awarded for dumbest fashion statement


As I was perusing my favorite on-line shoe site ( I ran across these high heel flippers!  Yeah! These are for real.  Not sure what occasion calls for them – snorkeling in the White House pool, perhaps?

After an investigation, I learned that an artist from Belgium named Paul Schietekat invented the  High Tide Heels . . . which are basically a cross between high-heel stiletto shoes . . . and diving flippers used in snorkeling.

For the life of me I can’t think of a practical use for these hybrids.. . . I have polled every single employee at Deluded (all one of us) and have decided to proclaim these shoes as the world’s dumbest invention.  I have a hard enough time walking in a straight line without tripping myself.  These would be disastrous.

Having said all this, there is something charmingly barbie-esque about them, and I’m sure that the next Scuba Barbie will be wearing these in pink, along with a mini-skirt wetsuit to match.

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